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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Server Upgrade Continues

If you've been following the 'Slow Downloads' discussion on the HerBiceps message boards (http://messages.herbiceps.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=news;action=display;num=1159376223;start=0), then - along with having wasted valuable minutes of your life (minutes that you'll never get back!) - you are aware that those of us still in the Diana the Valkyrie (DtV) website family are in the midst of an upgrade.

What that means is that approximately one-third of you will be able to see this as soon as it's published, while the remainder of you will see it some time later, perhaps an hour or two.

At last check, the site had been moved - along with Boomerflex.com, Athleticwomenmagazine.com, and SheWrestles.com - to a new triple-decker server on the DtV Server Farm. What that means is that three separate servers are now handling the load that used to be handled by one. Based on the feedback we've received, this has essentially tripled the download speeds that users were experiencing prior to the change.

That's Phase One.

Phase Two is to build entirely new servers with faster, more up-to-date hardware. At last check, the parts had been ordered and shipped, but I do not know yet whether the new builds have begun.

At any rate, I hope everyone is enjoying the speed increase and you should be on the lookout for more improvements in the coming weeks.


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