FemFlex Presents - the Artistry of John Stutz, featuring Jennifer Cowan (10)

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The stars and planets were aligned just right in Vegas during the annual Muscle Mansion weekend as John Stutz came by and offered to give Jennifer Cowan an impromptu photography lesson. At the time, I was running around like crazy, because I had 3 models present and no other photographers...and that's how Jennifer got pressed into service. Getting Jennifer PLUS John was a deal too good to turn down. Anyone who's ever seen John's work knows what I'm talking about. Making things even better...the models were the gorgeous Jamie Reed and Jennifer Cowan.

Time was limited, but in the 40-45 minutes they spent together, they produced some of the most beautiful shots my camera has ever taken. I honestly couldn't believe those images had come from the 1D with the broken lens.

Special thanks to Jennifer and Jamie and especially to John - be sure to check out John's website if you haven't already.

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