Monique Jones - Worth It (24)

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At the 2009 North Americans, there was one woman on stage who really caught my eye. After interrogating almost everyone in sight, I learned that her name was Monique Jones. I'd heard the name before, but had never met Monique and knew nothing about her, even though Jeff Binns had worked with her the previous year. I didn't have any contact information for Monique, so at about 10 o'clock Saturday night, I texted her sponsor, Joel Goldberg from Species, and he put me in touch with her. We arranged a meeting for early the next morning, rain or shine, and as fate would have it, a cold, rainy day awaited us. Monique was non-plussed. There was a slight break in the weather and if you didn't know any better, you'd think we'd worked together dozens of times. Despite the cold, Monique never complained even once. We worked very well together and were able to do more than an hour's worth of work in about 45 minutes kind of shoot. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Monique again.

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