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FemFlex currently has (5) full-quality movie downloads available for viewing on your home computer. When you purchase an access pass for one of these movies, you will have 7 full days to download the entire file. You may then view it at home as often as you'd like. If your connection is lost during the download, you will be able to resume it at a later time. The files are generally 1-2 GB in size and the time required for download will depend on the speed of your internet connection.

Gone are the days of the $60 female muscle videos. You can now enjoy higher quality for a mere fraction of the cost and there's no more waiting by the mailbox for your package to arrive.

How It Works: After selecting the movie you'd like to order, you must first purchase an access pass below. Once you have a username and password, click on "Download This Movie Now" for your selection. Once your download is complete, you'll be ready to enjoy your favorite female muscle stars.

Tsunami Relief Fundraiser

From now until the end of June 2005, 100% of the proceeds for every downloadable video you purchase* will be donated to the Red Cross tsunami relief fund. While it will take years to help many of the disaster victims rebuild their lives, it's important that we not grow tired of giving. We've seen the devastation in pictures - FemFlex encourages its members and guests to be a part of the relief effort and hope many will take advantage of these specially-priced downloads.

*Note: from a selected list - videos 1-11 are part of the fundraiser

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1) Mindi O'Brien - "High Flexocity"

2) Colette Nelson - "Taste of Sensuality"

3) 2004 FVF-Arnold: America's Best Biceps

4) Kim Kilper - "Bright Smile, Big Guns"

5) 2003 FVF-Arnold: America's Best Biceps

6) 2004 IFBB SW Pro - Prejudging

7) 2004 IFBB SW Pro - Finals

8) 2004 NPC Southwest - Prejudging

9) 2004 NPC Southwest - Finals

10) Marnie Power - Muscle is Sexy

11) Bonny Priest - Life with Bonny

12) Angie Salvagno - "Special Biceps Delivery"

13) Brenda Smith - "Calfantasy"

14) 2003 BodyRock's Best Biceps

15) 2004 BodyRock's Best Biceps

16) 2004 America's Best Biceps

Product Descriptions -

1) Mindi O'Brien's "High Flexocity" is the first video offering featuring the woman with the best biceps in the world of fitness. In addition to workout and interview segments, there are hundreds and hundreds of flexes for your viewing pleasure and with each successive flex, her incredible biceps become even more and more pumped. She's the girl you always wanted to live next door to, so now you can invite her right into your home. This could be the best video you buy this year. 72 minutes. Price: $10

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2) Colette Nelson's "Taste of Sensuality" is the single hottest video in the FemFlex collection and is one of the hottest femuscle videos you'll ever see. This video contains no nudity, but is recommended for mature audiences only. It is also recommended that persons with heart conditions take extra precautions while viewing this video, as Colette can have a dangerous effect on people. She poses in a variety of outfits in the FemFlex Studio in Las Vegas and she's in hard contest shape having just competed in the USA bodybuilding championships. Her incredible pecs are on full display as she shows a combination of femininity, muscularity, and sensuality never seen before. This is a pure posing delight - chatter is kept to an absolute minimum during this visual feast. Approximately 55 minutes long. Price: $10

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3) 2004 FVF-Arnold: America's Best Biceps - back again, a wonderful list of biceptuous beauties rolled through for a chance at the $500 top prize. Jill Kolivoski, Mimi Jabalee, Tara Scotti, Dena Westerfield, Amy Vaughn, Lisa Miles, Mandy Jackson, Ebony Thomas, Laura Phelps, and many others highlight this great follow-up to the highly successful 2003 FVF-Arnold. 48 minutes. Price: $10

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4) Kim Kilper: "Bright Smile, Big Guns" - She's got the biggest biceps of any teacher on the circuit today. We're trying not to play to that angle too much, but cannot deny what a turn-on it is to think back to the days when we would love to have had a teacher like her to look at every day in school. Her beautiful smile and warm spirit are just icing on the cake when combined with those awesome forearms and biceps. This is her first video ever, but I'm sure we'll see a lot more of her in the years to come - she's just 23 years old. 67 minutes. Price: $10

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5) 2003 FVF-Arnold: "America's Best Biceps" - Over 50 Women in the Greatest Flexfest Ever - At this year's Arnold Expo, the DtV-sponsored FVF physique competition was one of the biggest hits of the entire weekend with the crowd. Entries ranged from the girl-next-door, to the librarian-with-muscles, to the fitness instructor, all the way up to the professional bodybuilder. From this incredible group of women, 21 semi-finalists were selected and then began the largest posedown I've ever seen. The fans crowded around the booth were battling for position in order to get a better view. I tried to get further away in order to get a wide shot of the action, but it was not to be - the crowd forced me back forward. During this massive posedown, the judges selected the 6 finalists - Jill Kolivoski, Amy Johnston, Megan Zahara, Veria Fields, Sheila Rawlins, and Colleen "Crazy Peaks" Ritchie. There are some ultra-sexy fitness & fitness competitors such as Jodi Miller mixed in with champion pro bodybuilders like Sandra Blackie. Over $1000 in cash prizes was awarded, and you can watch as the winners show you how they earned their money. This video has to be seen to be believed. Running time is 60 minutes. Price: $10

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6) 2004 IFBB Southwest Pro: Pro women's bodybuilding and fitness prejudging. Running time: 65 minutes. Price: $10.

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7) 2004 IFBB Southwest Pro: Pro women's bodybuilding and fitness finals - you'll be astounded by the quality of all these routines. Running time: 113 minutes. Price: $10.

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8) 2004 NPC Southwest: Amateur men's and women's bodybuilding, fitness, and figure prejudging. Running time: 84 minutes. Price: $10.

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9) 2004 NPC Southwest: Amateur men's and women's bodybuilding, fitness, and figure finals. Running time: 103 minutes. Price: $10.

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10) Marnie Power: "Muscle Is Sexy" Gorgeous, thick, hard, and sexy as hell - those are the words which best describe 2002 Canadian Heavyweight & Overall Champion, Marnie Power. This is Marnie's first video, and she delivers a winner - her selection of sexy outfits, the sultry way in which she stares into the camera as she The video opens with a good workout segment and then the studio posing really heats things up. She's in great condition and her beautiful muscle shapes are displayed masterfully well in her virgin video - and yes, she really does work out in her bare feet! Running time: 65 minutes. Price: $10.

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11) Bonny Priest: "Life With Bonny" The NPC Nationals always has the 'name' competitors, but it's often the unknowns who make the biggest impressions on those in attendance. That was definitely true in the case of Bonny Priest, who stepped onto the national stage for the first time in November 2002 at a whopping 5-5, 160 lbs - huge and hard as nails - and walked away with an incredible 7th-place finish. But before Bonny hit bodybuilding's bigtime, she was setting national and world records in powerlifting, which included a 354-lb bench press at a bodyweight of 171 lbs. In this video, we get a nice taste of what Bonny's workouts are like. She spends most of her waking hours at the gym - not only is she busy with her own training, but she and her husband also own the gym. There aren't many folks who can do dumbell presses with 100-pounders, but you'll see Bonny do it with ease in this video. There's also plenty of posing action in a small variety of outfits and there's a very nice, candid interview included as well. Running time: 60 minutes. Price: $10.

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12) Angie Salvagno: "Special Biceps Delivery" 26-year old Angie is a middleweight bodybuilder who placed 6th at the most recent NPC Nationals. She also works for UPS - wouldn't you love for her to deliver some packages to your door? She appears here just three weeks after the contest, with some beautiful muscular fullness and still very hard at 5-4, 145 lbs. There is plenty of sexy pumping & posing in her new video, and if you're a fan of biceps, forearms, and vascularity, then this tape is for you. Angie poses in 8 different outfits, including a beautiful pink thong bikini, and there's also a nice workout session as well, where those beautiful arms are cast into action. Running time: 70 minutes. Price: $10.

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13) Brenda Smith: "Calfantasy" MuscleCamGuy outdid himself in shooting this gem, which is clearly the best leg & calf video to come along in years. National-level bodybuilder Brenda Smith and her great calves shine as she shows them off from many different angles in a couple of different outfits. There's an incredible scene where she does the stairs and then an extra special treat as she works her calves while lying on the floor. This has to be seen to be believed, but you definitely will not forget it. She was in contest shape at the 2004 Jr. Nationals for one segment and was in near-contest shape, just two weeks before Nationals, for the other segment. And don't worry, bicep fans - this video has plenty for you, too. Running time: 73 minutes. Price: $10.

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14) 2003 FVF-BodyRock: "BodyRock's Best Biceps" The hottest group of women at the 2003 BodyRock took to the stage for our "Best Biceps" competition. In this year's edition the women did barbell curls in addition to lots of posing and flexing. Running time: 72 minutes. Price: $10.

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15) 2004 FVF-BodyRock: "BodyRock's Best Biceps" The best field ever at the 2004 BodyRock gave us one of the most beautiful 'best biceps' champions we've ever seen. Using the now-patented "bicep kiss" maneuver, Rachelle Cannon was able to outmuscle an awesome field which featured Laura Sutter, Marjorie Hunt, Michelle Burdick, Lauren Powers and others. Running time: 56 minutes. Price: $10.

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16) 2004 FVF-Arnold: "America's Best Biceps" The country's premier bicep competition is back and better than ever. 2003 champion Jill Kolivoski was back to defend her title and was put to the test by biceptuous superstars Mimi Jabalee, Dena Westerfield, Tara Scotti, Ebony Thomas, Amy Vaughn, Lisa Miles, Mandy Jackson, Laura Phelps and many more! Running time: 48 minutes. Price: $10.

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