FF-23: Brenda Smith: "Calfantasy"
MuscleCamGuy outdid himself in shooting this gem, which is clearly the best leg & calf video to come along in years. National-level bodybuilder Brenda Smith and her great calves shine as she shows them off from many different angles in a couple of different outfits. There's an incredible scene where she does the stairs and then an extra special treat as she works her calves while lying on the floor. This has to be seen to be believed, but you definitely will not forget it. She was in contest shape at the 2004 Jr. Nationals for one segment and was in near-contest shape, just two weeks before Nationals, for the other segment. And don't worry, bicep fans - this video has plenty for you, too. Running time: 73 minutes. Price: $35
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FF-24: Rebekah Kresila: "Trapped"
Rebekah is a beautiful and naturally built bodybuilder from central Ohio and she possesses some of the best traps in the world. They're prominently displayed in her new video release during extensive posing segments. She also does a pretty heavy gym workout and shows off some of her kickboxing expertise as well. Running time: 52 minutes. Price: $25

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FF-25: Crowd Pleasers 2004
Crowd Pleasers is back and we've taken things to a whole new level with this year's edition. Filmed at the 2004 Arnold Fitness Expo, this DVD features over 30 of the best-built physiques we could find and they did lots of flexing for this special video. There's also armwrestling, plus an incredible strength feat from Rebekah Kresila, who curls a barbell with one arm. Along with Rebekah, other featured women include Jill Kolivoski, Laura Phelps, Marcy Porter, Wendy Lindquist, Mimi Jabalee, and many others. This could be the DVD value of the year. Running time: 86 minutes. Price: $35

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