Apr 30: Brand-new shots from today's Nutrition Outlet Grand Prix in Vasteras, Sweden - they are FREE to everyone - Sunday will be a busy day of shooting for the members, it's been a great trip
Apr 28: 5 new Dena Westerfield clips; I'm off to Sweden now and will check in after I arrive on Friday
Apr 27: Part 2 of today's update is 8 new Debbie Bramwell clips, including one FREE and one in ULTRA hi-resolution
Apr 27: Part 1 of today's big update includes Jamie Justin, who is back with 8 more workout clips, plus a FREE 300-photo gallery from the 2005 Arnold Expo
Apr 24: Myriam Capes is the featured model from a shoot done earlier today - wow!
Apr 23: Over 200 FREE shots from this morning's prejudging at the CBBF Fitness Nationals in Winnipeg
Apr 22: FINALLY, 6 new Trina Gillis workout clips
Apr 20: 9 brand-new Jamie Justin clips, shot just days before her Jr USA competition
Apr 19: 8 new Michelle Baker clips, including 2 *ultra* hi-res replays
Apr 18: 4 new galleries: Kate Warren, Dena Westerfield, Jody May, and Shelby Kadyk
Apr 17: 10 brand-new Kate Warren clips from her live webcam shoot and a gallery of Jaime Koeppe
Apr 16: 7 new Courtney Morley clips and a gallery of Maria Cerbelli
Apr 15: 4 new clips and a gallery of Christine Moore from TomNine
Apr 14: 7 new Courtney Morley clips
Apr 13: 5 new Shelby Kadyk & Debbie Leung workout clips
Apr 12: 4 new Sarah Dunlap clips, plus a gallery of Latisha LeBourgeois
Apr 11: 3 new galleries - Angie Salvagno, Debbie Bramwell, and Jennifer Turner
Apr 10: 4 new Colette Flack workout clips and a new Amy Peters gallery
Apr 9: 6 Denise Maffioli clips, plus a new Chastity Slone gallery
Apr 8: 9 new Debbie Bramwell clips, including one in ULTRA high resolution
Apr 7: 9 new clips featuring Angie Semsch and a gallery of Christine Roth
Apr 6: 5 new Jordan Graham clips
Apr 4: 6 more clips of Emery Miller - smokin'!
Apr 3: 7 great new clips of contest-shape Emery Miller
Apr 3: A free preview clip from Sarah Dunlap's new website!
Apr 2: 7 new Melissa Dettwiller clips and a gallery of Debbie Leung
Apr 1: 2 hot new Jennifer Martin clips