Aug 31: 3 galleries today Shelly Fields, Christine Brandon, and Kasey Watts
Aug 30: 10 fun Ruthie Lucchesi clips up today
Aug 29: 10 new Kim Kilper clips, plus a gallery of FemFlex newcomer, Britt Miller
Aug 28: 10 new Amanda Swallow clips
Aug 27: Today's new galleries feature Yvonne Edmunds and Angie Salvagno, and I *think* our connectivity issues have worked been worked out. Let me know if you have any problems viewing these galleries. Thanks.
Aug 26: Dara Trager - 10 brand-new clips - 'nuff said. I have not yet solved the upload problem for photos, but did manage to fashion a solution (at least for now) to get the video clips uploaded. So, looks like we'll just have to survive on Dara motion pictures for the time being! *smile*
Aug 25: I'm still working on the FTP problem here, but did today receive the new Dara Trager video footage and it looks incredible. Be on the lookout for that...soon. By the way, did anyone happen to catch the unveiling of our new logo? Let us know what you think!
Aug 24: Delayed - We've got some upload issues going on here, but you're sure to enjoy this gallery of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder (now figure) Susanne Bock of Germany
Aug 23: Check out today's 10 new Jodi Miller clips
Aug 21: A cool day at FemFlex - a brand-new gallery of Elena Seiple.
Aug 20: 12 new clips of lightweight Janet Kaufman
Aug 19: 10 Courtney Morley clips from back in the day
Aug 18: 2 new galleries Star Blaylock and Tiffany Taylor
Aug 17: 14 brand-new Jen Chehardy posing clips
Aug 16: 12 Jodi Michaels gym clips
Aug 15: 10 more Jody May clips, with some talking included *smile*
Aug 14: 10 new Dara Trager clips, by request
Aug 13: 12 fun new Jody May clips
Aug 12: 14 brand new workout clips of contest-ready Mary Lynne Mackenzie
Aug 11: 10 new Andrea Gahan clips from her super-muscular offseason
Aug 10: 2 newcomer galleries - Lena Hedblad of Sweden and Holly Nicholson
Aug 09: 14 more clips from the 2005 ABB-Chicago competition - Bettina Kadet & Alicia St. Germaine
Aug 08: 12 brand-new Elena Seiple clips from Muscle Mansion...unreal
Aug 07: 10 brand-new Donna Hawley clips from our upcoming natural muscle site
Aug 06: 12 brand-new Nicole Berg clips
Aug 05: Welcome to teen sensation Bianca Voitek of Germany! Plus, 2 new Star Blaylock clips
Aug 04: 12 new clips of the rock-hard Christine Brandon
Aug 03: Fresh from Muscle Mansion 2005, 10 brand-new clips of newcomer Star Blaylock, one of the most beautiful bodybuilders you'll ever see
Aug 02: 16 more Beth Michel,including ARMWRESTLING (wow, at FemFlex??) vs Colleen Ritchie
Aug 01: 12 new clips of Beth Michel