May 31: 7 new Jamie Justin clips
May 30: 12 new Dena Westerfield clips and a gallery of Tangela Morgan
May 29: 10 new Debbie Bramwell clips and a gallery of newcomer Kim Bergman
May 28: 10 new Michelle Baker clips and a Carlene Marshall gallery
May 27: 4 new galleries today, featuring newcomer Jill St. Laurent, plus Amy Huber, Jamie Justin, and Dani
May 26: 1 more Nicole Berg clip, plus 13 new Michelle Baker clips (from the Wow series)
May 25: 14 new Nicole Berg clips from last summer's California shoot
May 24: 2 new galleries of Sheron Kestler and Sheilahe Brown
May 22: fresh out of the camera, a brand-new gallery from today's shoot with Italian pro bodybuilder, Giusy Caputo
May 21: Over 250 FREE pictures from the 2005 NY Pro Bodybuilding Championships
May 20: 6 new Tanya Bollich clips and a Nadia Nardi gallery
May 19: a new Debbie Leung gallery - ouch!
May 18: 10 new Kim Perez clips
May 17: 12 new Andrea Trent clips, plus one with Andrea and Sarah Dunlap together
May 16: 2 great new galleries featuring Jamie Senuk and Antonia Grady
May 15: 11 awesome Brenda Smith calf clips today
May 14: 5 new galleries today - Jody May, Jen Chehardy, Carla Salotti, Melissa Dettwiller, and Sarah Dunlap
May 13: 8 new Angie Salvagno clips, including a Mini-movie
May 12: 12 new Annett Wittig clips, including one in Super Hi-Res
May 11: 5 new Trina Gillis workout clips
May 10: 8 new Jenn Becerra clips, including some *hot* muscle control action in Hi-Res
May 08: Wrapping up today's update, over 250 FREE images from last weekend's Nutrition Outlet Grand Prix - this time it's the body fitness tall class prejudging - enjoy
May 08: Today's appetizer is a 6-minute mini-movie featuring Kristi Wills clips from yesterday - congrats to her for winning the NPC Pittsburgh overall! - there's also a gallery of Norway's Monica Saur - the rest of today's update will be posted late tonite
May 07: 9 new Kristi Wills clips to wish her good luck in today's NPC Pittsburgh contest - Go, Teach!
May 06: 6 new clips of the ultra-ripped Jamie Justin
May 05: 10 clips of new model Corry Matthews...and that's just today's appetizer - check out the 2 new photo galleries as well, Corry and Danielle Hollenshade - Corry is FREE
May 04: Back safe and sound, still a bit jet-lagged, here are 8 new clips from Amy Sibcy whose legs will leave you mesmerized, plus a photo gallery from her as well
May 01: Fresh shots from today's shoot with Mary Lynne Mackenzie here in Vasteras - I think I did 9 total photo sessions, so we've got some nice stuff coming later this week - I return to the U.S. tomorrow