Sep 30: 10 new Dr. Michele Neil clips - I'm now at the Charlotte Pro for a couple of days and might try to do a shoot or two if anyone is available Saturday - I didn't schedule anything in advance as I wasn't 100% positive about making this trip until I actually got on the plane
Sep 29: A brand new Emmanuela Pintus gallery and 2 more Nikki Warner clips
Sep 28: 10 new Nikki Warner clips
Sep 27: A gallery of newcomer Swedish Sarah, the "Future of FemFlex"
Sep 26: 10 new clips - Mechele Smith, Melissa Dettwiller, and Elena Seiple - and a gallery of newcomer Shawna Smith
Sep 25: 12 new Mechele Smith clips
Sep 24: A couple of quick Jody May clips
Sep 23: Jody May is the star of the day - a FREE vidcap gallery, plus a mini-movie that ends up in the shower...
Sep 22: A brand-new gallery of newcomer Lucie Bergeron
Sep 21: 12 brand-new clips of newcomer Kristen Cannon - natural muscle fans will love this young star
Sep 18: Be sure to check out the new DTV/HB webcam network that FemFlex is a proud member of!
Sep 17: A quick Kim Perez teaser to tide you over until I return home Monday
Sep 15: 11 new Elena Seiple clips - I'm off to Texas to shoot this weekend
Sep 14: 4 brand-new galleries featuring Anita Nikolich, Jill St. Laurent, Michele Burdick, and 2005 IFBB North American Overall Champion KIM PEREZ
Sep 13: 10 new Kim Perez clips, by request
Sep 12: 8 new Debbie Bramwell clips
Sep 11: Klaudia Larson mini-movie
Sep 10: 12 new Klaudia Larson clips, including some leg work
Sep 09: 8 new clips starring Swedish bodybuilder, Klaudia Larson
Sep 08: a brand-new Lindsey Boswell gallery
Sep 07: 12 new Jody May clips to brighten your day
Sep 06: 12 brand-new clips from FF newcomer Laurie Steele that will leave you begging for more
Sep 05: 10 new Dara Trager clips today that you're sure to love - I'll update you guys on what went on this weekend shortly, as we covered *3* big shows
Sep 01: 10 ultra-hardcore Anne Sheehan clips, with a couple of FREE offerings, too - I leave in the morning for Vancouver (FVF), Simon is in Montreal for the Canadians, and TK and MuscleCamGguy are in Cleveland for the North Americans. Wherever there's flexing this weekend, FemFlex has you covered.