Apr 30: 10 brand-new Courtney Morley & Nicole Berg workout clips
Apr 28: Today's galleries - Andrea Gahan, Jamie Reed, and Melissa Dettwiller
Apr 27: 12 Trina Gillis flexology clips
Apr 25: Something a little different - a new Angela Salvagno gallery
Apr 24: 8 new Ms Machine back workout clips
Apr 23: Fresh, new gallery of soon-to-be-superstar Candy Canary, shot just a few hours ago
Apr 22: We got a real bonus today, as Nicole Berg joined Courtney for today's shoot at Iron Works Gym - the women were great! Look for some pics starting tomorrow...I'm beat today.
Apr 21: Traveling to the Emerald Cup today for this weekend's shoot with Courtney Morley
Apr 20: 2 new galleries - Christine Moore and Barbara Fletcher
Apr 19: 10 brand-new clips of Swedish newcomer Monica Helenius
Apr 17: It's a great day to be a bicep lover, with 3 new galleries - Debbie Bramwell, Kim Kilper, and Amanda Swallow
Apr 16: We should change the name of the site to the Angela Salvagno Network and today's 2 new clips reveal why - she owns us.
Apr 15: 3 new galleries - Giusy Caputo, Rhonda Dethlefs and FF newcomer Dr. Malea Jensen
Apr 14: 8 new Jamie Reed & Kristina Gaston leg workout clips
Apr 13: 2 galleries - FF newcomer Alexis Ellis and Ms. FemFlex, Courtney Morley
Apr 12: 8 brand-new Kim Birtch & Heather Bayer workout clips
Apr 11: 3 galleries - Colette Flack, Shelby Right,and FF newcomer Anna Sanchez
Apr 09: 10 new Lori George clips
Apr 08: 8 new Kristi Wills clips
Apr 07: 2 new galleries - Jill St. Laurent and Kim Perez
Apr 06: 8 brand-new clips of FF newcomer Laticia Jackson
Apr 05: Brand-new gallery of Carla Salotti, the newest lightweight IFBB Pro
Apr 04: 10 brand-new clips of newcomer Shera Swagerty
Apr 03: 3 new galleries - Kristina Gaston, Amy Peters, and Michele Burdick
Apr 02: 8 new Dara Trager clips, primarily legs
Apr 01: 3 new galleries - Newcomer Monica Helenius is joined by Yvonne Edmunds and Mary Lynne Mackenzie