Feb 28: 10 brand-new clips of FF newcomer, Barbara Fletcher, the reigning USA Lightweight Champion
Feb 27: 12 new Anne Sheehan clips
Feb 25: 12 brand-new clips of FF newcomer, Heidi Gay
Feb 24: About once every 18 months, we post a little armwrestling at FemFlex - today's offering features Angela Salvagno and we hope you'll enjoy these 8 brand-new clips from our recent shoot
Feb 23: 10 brand-new clips of professional bodybuilder Marika Johansson
Feb 22: Super Brazilian Muscle - Rosana Muller debuts with 10 brand-new clips
Feb 21: 8 Debbie Leung & Shelby Kadyk gym clips
Feb 20: Testing out a new chatroom - click HERE to see what it's all about (it's free)
Feb 19: 3 new galleries - Michelle Troll, Louise. St Pierre, and event candids from Sweden
Feb 18: 12 new Kim Birtch clips - I hope you're sitting down
Feb 17: 10 new Jody Wald clips
Feb 16: 10 new Trina Gillis posing clips from our first session together
Feb 15: 10 brand-new Angela Salvagno posing clips
Feb 14: Valentine's Day Special - new Trina Gillis and Sheron Kestler galleries, plus 2 seriously hot Muscle Appreciation clips from Angela Salvagno
Feb 13: 10 Nicole Berg beach clips
Feb 12: Angela Salvagno LIVE! Go to to check out today's live show, starting at 11:30am EST.
Feb 11: 3 new galleries - Debbie Leung, Myriam Capes, and Roberta Orth. I'm flying up the coast tonite for a Sunday morning shoot. Be sure to check out the live broadcast.
Feb 10: 10 Julie Dearth gym clips
Feb 09: 10 new Jodi Michaels clips - look out for her DVD
Feb 08: 12 new Jamie Justin clips
Feb 07: 10 new clips of the well-armed Debbie Bramwell
Feb 06: 12 new Amy Sibcy contest shape clips
Feb 05: 12 Sarah Dunlap non-posing clips
Feb 04: Big-armed Rhonda Dethlefs shows off her mighty quads in these 10 clips
Feb 03: It's hard not to love Kim Birtch - here are 10 more clips
Feb 02: 10 new Brenda Smith clips
Feb 01: 10 new Angie Salvagno clips