Dec 31: We close out a wonderful 2007 with the return of calf-lovers' favorite, Brenda Smith, who arrives today with 6 brand-new posing clips.
Dec 29: Today, 6 Klaudia Larson posing clips.
Dec 27: Today, 6 Mary Lynne Mackenzie workout/posing clips, by Simon.
Dec 25: Merry Christmas to all who celebrate this holiday. I was extra nice this year, so Santa left 6 brand-new Britt Miller posing clips just for me...and for you, too! Enjoy.
Dec 24: 2 brand-new member galleries: Sexy Sally Anne Taylor and MMA fighter Nez Zamorano.
Dec 22: Welcome to new model Terri Harris - 6 new posing clips from last month in Dallas.
Dec 20: Welcome to new model Lorayne Taylor - 6 new posing clips by Simon.
Dec 18: 6 new Irina Mishina workout clips.
Dec 16: 2 member galleries: Kristy Hawkins and Jen Garisto.
Dec 14: Welcome to new model, Yasha - 6 brand-new posing clips from our shoot last month at the NPC Nationals.
Dec 12: Today, 6 new Courtney Morley & Nicole Berg workout clips.
Dec 11: Today, 10 new member galleries: Tiffany Underwood, Tatianna Butler, Tana Walther, Sherry Smith, Liane Seiwald, Lauren Powers & Giulia Divina, Kaylie Perry, Karen Zaremba, Josee St. Onge, and Jennifer Chehardy.
Dec 10: Today's your day, calf lovers, as we've got another Lindsey Boswell update for you - 6 new clips.
Dec 08: Welcome to new model, Jessica Oscroft - 6 new posing clips.
Dec 05: Happy Chanukah! Today, 5 new member galleries: Barbara Fletcher, Angel Allison, Kim Knott, Jodi Miller, and Colleen Brock.
Dec 03: Welcome to new model, Allison Jones-Williams - 6 new posing clips, by TK.