Jul 31: We close out a very busy July on a solid note with 3 new Christy Resendes clips, 4 new Jodi Miller clips, 3 new Armwrestling clips, and 2 new Catherine Boshuizen clips to make up for last week. Enjoy. Regular updates will resume tomorrow - thanks so much for your patience.
Jul 30: Hi! Finally back from Vegas and got those HD Amy Schmid clips fixed from last week. I mistakenly left my laptop power cord at home, and was unable to get a working FTP program on any of the other computers at the house, so I failed to complete the week's updates. Never fear, though. When you log in tomorrow, expect a pretty meaty hi-def video update to make up for the past 5 days.
Muscle Mansion 2007 was a huge success, as we managed to shoot over 25 models in just 3 days. Special thanks to Jeff, TK, Jen, and Kelly Dobbins for all their hard work in helping to make it so special. I wish that I'd been able to 'blog' from there, but it seemed like whenever there was any downtime, I was just too exhausted to do anything else but rest. I'll do my best to share some of the many stories at some point and you're in for a real treat once the 'Jamie Reed & Friends' photo shoot footage starts appearing.
Jul 25: Today's All About Belle tribute brings us some eye-popping hammer curls. We've also got 6 new Amy Schmid posing clips.
TRAVEL NOTE: The crew is heading to Vegas tomorrow for the USA Bodybuilding Championships and Muscle Mansion 2007. There will be updates on all the action through the weekend as time permits. I'll most likely attempt to get that blog thing working, but don't hold me to that. Look forward to major new updates in the weeks to come - it's going to be a GREAT late summer here at FemFlex. Thanks so much for all your support!
Jul 24: All About Belle Week continues with a an explosive new Isabelle Turell bicep curl and flexing clip. In the other part of today's update, we've got 6 new Michele Neil posing clips.
Jul 23: All About Belle Week continues with a new Isabelle Turell gym clip - dumbell curls.
There are also 2 new galleries: Lauren Burnett by Jeff, and Lyris Cappelle.
Jul 21: This week, it's All About Belle, as the magnificent Isabelle Turell makes her final push to the NPC USA Championships, which will take place in Las Vegas just one week from now. There are 6 new gym workout clips. Look forward to a healthy dose of Belle this week, as we'll be including a new IT clip with each of the updates over the next 7 days, which we hope will end with a celebration of her Heavyweight & Overall wins at next week's USAs. Enjoy!
Jul 20: 5 new Danielle Rouleau posing clips.
Jul 17: Welcome to new model, Carrie Ann Simmons! There are 5 brand-new clips by Jeff.
Jul 13: We celebrate Friday the 13th with 6 Rebekah Kresila gym workout clips, by MuscleCamGuy.
Jul 12: There are 2 new galleries: Elsie Huxtable by new FemFlex photographer, Nicole Berg, and Roxie Rain.
Jul 11: Welcome to new model, Gretchen Imes. Including the freebie, there are 6 brand-new clips by TK.
Jul 10: I can't get enough of her and neither can you. 6 brand-new Catherine Boshuizen posing clips from the 2007 NPC Jr Nationals.
Jul 08: Today, 5 brand-new contest galleries by TK from the 2007 NPC Jr Nationals: Lightweight prejudging, featuring Lori Steele, Suzanne Germano, Natalie Barnett, and Sharon Garrett. FREE
Jul 07: Today, we celebrate 7-7-7 Day with the introduction of IFBB Pro, Irina Mishina, with 6 workout clips by Jeff. This beautiful native of Russia is a former track & field star and has also excelled in bodybuilding, powerlifting, and gymnastics. Welcome to FemFlex, Irina!
Jul 06: 6 brand-new Sharon Garrett clips by Jeff & TK at the 2007 NPC Jr Nationals.
Jul 05: 6 new Laurie Steele clips, by TK.
Jul 04: Happy Independence Day, USA! We celebrate with 9 new clips of our favorite All-American Ph.D. candidate, Kristy Hawkins. Enjoy!
Jul 02: We are happy to present new model Rachael McMillan with 6 new clips by Simon on her model page.
Jul 01: 6 new Valerie Waugaman clips, having some fun in the park.