May 31: 6 new Elise Prucha posing clips, including some great bicep peak close-ups.
Jun 30: 3 new Tug-of-War clips from FemSport 2006 on its event page.
Jun 28: 5 new Lisa Morton posing clips from Muscle Mansion 2006 on her model page. She's hot beyond belief.
Jun 27: 6 new Barbara Fletcher posing clips on her model page.
Jun 25: We are pleased to present new model Lori Steel in contest shape on her model page. That's right, RipItUpBaby is here! These clips were filmed at the time of the 2007 NPC Jr. Nationals, where Lori won the lightweight title. Photos of Lori will be published at a later time.
Jun 24: Congratulations to Sarah Dunlap on her first pro victory at last night's Jan Tana Classic! Today, FemFlex is pleased to add Neely Tartaglia to our already outstanding lineup. Enjoy 6 new clips by Jeff on her model page.
Jun 22: 9 brand-new Sarah Dunlap CONTEST SHAPE posing clips on her model page as she prepares for tomorrow's Jan Tana Classic. There is also a new Sarah Dunlap gallery.
Jun 20: 8 sexy, brand-new Jennifer Cowan posing clips on her model page. There are also 2 new galleries: Lisa Morton by TK, and Tina Durkin by Jeff.
Jun 19: 3 new Britt Miller posing clips on her model page. You can check out the new FemFlex Blog to see what the crew was up to this past weekend in Chicago.
Jun 18: 3 brand-new Isabelle Turell workout clips on her model page. I've returned from Chicago and will give a report tomorrow.
Jun 15: I'm scheduled to leave for Chicago in a couple of hours, but don't seem to have any energy. I really should've taken this weekend off.
Jun 14: There are 5 brand-new Courtney Morley clips on her model page. Nothing like a little oil and muscle appreciation to get the weekend started right...
Jun 13: There are 3 new Jamie Reed & Kristina Gaston clips on their model page. There is also a new Tanya Merryman gallery, shot at the time of the 2006 Olympia.
Jun 12: The big move is complete and it's 'TK Day'. Today, 3 ab-licious clips starring Shelby Right, by TK. There are also 200+ free pictures from the 2006 IFBB North American Figure Championships, also by TK. Simon covered the big FAME event for us in Toronto last weekend, and TK, Jeff, and I will be in Chicago this weekend for the NPC Jr. Nationals, by far the best event each year for the discovery of new physique talent.
Jun 08: Part 3 of The MowiFit Workout is now posted. There are 6 new Monica Mollica gym clips on her model page. Note: This will be the last update until Tuesday, June 12th. We're moving to Sacramento tomorrow, but cannot get cable service until next Tuesday. Hope you've enjoyed The MowiFit Workout this week. Be on the lookout for some seriously hot new stuff featuring Courtney Morley, Kristina Gaston, and Catherine Boshuizen when we return next week. Cheers!
Jun 07: Part 2 of The MowiFit Workout is now posted. There are 6 new Monica Mollica gym clips on her model page.
Jun 06: This week, FemFlex is pleased to present The MowiFit Workout, featuring the lovely and quadalicious Monica Mollica in 6 new workout clips. Getting ready to work those powerful legs...
Jun 05: 6 new Jennifer Cowan & Kelly Dobbins workout clips.
Jun 04: 6 new Sarah Dunlap posing/curling clips.
Jun 02: 3 new Elena Seiple posing clips.