Mar 30: Welcome the Muscle Angels! 2 new clips from featuring Debi Laszewski and Tonia Villalobos, both in ripped contest shape. There is one new Muscle Angels gallery, too. In addition, we are featuring another new HD model - Angela Myers makes her debut with 3 brand-new clips by Jeff. Check out the size of that biceps peak!
Mar 28: 6 new Valerie Waugaman clips. Oh, Wauggie!
Mar 27: 4 brand-new Armwrestling clips today from the Arnold weekend. There is one new gallery: Colleen Brock, by Jeff.
Mar 26: 5 new Christy Resendes posing clips today. There is one new gallery: Leah Berti.

Mar 25: New model Kira Forster debuts today with a brand-new 4-minute clip with live sound. There is a new Christy Resendes clip as we've now had the opportunity to film her in HD. There is one new gallery: Sharon Garrett, by Jeff
Mar 24: New model Dawnice Beckley joins us today with 7 brand-new clips, by Jeff. There is also a new Dawnice gallery, also by Jeff.
Mar 22: Today, 3 new galleries: Christina Watson by Jeff, Jennifer Toth by TK, and Julie Peavey.
Mar 21: New model Colleen Brock joins us today with 6 brand-new clips, by Jeff.
Mar 19: New model Elise Prucha joins us today with 10 brand-new clips.
Mar 17: IFBB pro bodybuilder Sarah Dunlap is now available in HD! Check out these 10 new posing clips. Tomorrow is a travel day for me, so updates will resume on Monday the 19th. Enjoy your NCAA viewing...go Heels.
Mar 15: IFBB pro bodybuilder Debi Laszewski joins us today, with 9 new posing/studio workout clips.
Mar 14: Today's feature, a leg workout with Jen Cowan & Kelly Dobbins. These 6 clips are the warm-up.
Mar 13: New model Tiffany Underwood joins us today, with 7 new clips by Simon. I'm going to need to pick up the pace if I am to achieve that goal of getting all the new models posted by the end of March. *smile*
Mar 11: New model Lisa Carrodus joins us today, with 6 new posing clips. There are also 4 new Conny Brandt clips by Andy. Go Wolfpack!
Mar 09: New model Amy Schmid joins us today, with 6 new clips by Simon and me.
Mar 07: New model Ann Caliri joins us today, with 7 new HD clips including the freebie by Simon. Needless to say, we have a lot of new material to post, so stay tuned for what should be one of our best months ever.
Mar 05: Back from the Arnold, 9 new Christy Resendes clips today, by Simon. The hotel internet sucked, but the Arnold trip was incredibly productive for us. Be on the lookout for several great new video models in the days and weeks to come. Thanks to Jeff, Simon, Rick Dobbins, Carrie Evans, and especially to TK for making the weekend such a huge success.