May 31: 6 new Elise Prucha posing clips, including some great bicep peak close-ups.
May 30: 4 brand-new Isabelle Turell posing clips.
May 29: For the first time ever - Courtney in high-definition! 6 brand-new Courtney Morley posing clips.
May 28: Happy Memorial Day. 5 new Michele Burdick posing clips.
May 27: 6 hot new Catherine Boshuizen posing clips.
May 26: 6 new Kristy Hawkins gym workout/posing clips.
May 24: 6 new Bev DiRenzo posing clips.
May 22: 6 new Michele Neil posing clips.
May 21: 6 new Jodi Miller posing clips.
May 18: 6 new Tanya Merryman posing clips for the CALF (and LEG) LOVERS.
May 16: 6 classic Jody May posing clips from "Big Texas Beauty" (2003). These were previously released in low resolution only, so the hi-res clips are now available. There are also 6 new Jennifer Reece clips by Simon, including workout, interview, and bicep measurement.
May 14: 4 brand-new Isabelle Turell workout clips. 6 brand-new Christy Resendes posing/workout clips. There are 2 new galleries: Julie Peavey by TK, and Michelle Ivers-Brent by Simon.
May 12: 3 new Armwrestling clips.
May 11: 5 new Britt Miller posing clips. There are 2 new galleries: Megan Thomas by TK, and Kaylie Perry by Jeff.
May 09: Have you visited our FREE CHATROOM lately? You never know who might drop by...
May 08: 6 new Roxie Rain posing clips. There are 2 new galleries: Jennifer Cowan by TK, and Jennifer Sedia also by TK.
May 05: 6 new Debbie Bramwell posing clips. There are galleries of 2 new photo models: Tana Walther by TK, and IFBB Pro bodybuilder Vicki Nixon.
May 04: 6 new Kristina Gaston clips from our shoot in Miami.
May 02: Contest-RIPPED Kelly Dobbins makes her dramatic return to FemFlex today with 7 brand-new clips from our Emerald Cup shoot. Thanks to Kelly for staying up past midnight to get the work done and to her husband, Rick, for helping with the shoot.