Mar 03: 5 excellent Nicole Berg clips, including a mini-movie - wow!
Feb 27: 6 new Nicole Berg clips at her most beautiful and most muscular, plus a great new Debbie Leung gallery, since the photo requests for her keep pouring in
Feb 25: By request, 5 new Kim Perez clips
Feb 24: 5 new Michelle Baker clips and a Kim Perez gallery
Feb 23: 7 Denise Maffioli workout clips from the Vault
Feb 22: Today's highlight is 7 new workout clips from Kristina Gaston and there's a new gallery from Jennifer McVicar
Feb 21: Sarah Dunlap Week continues with 6 more video clips, including a Hi-Res mini-movie - there's also a new gallery of Sunshine
Feb 20: 5 new Sarah Dunlap posing clips from her studio shoot including a mini-movie, plus 2 galleries from Elena Seiple and Malissa Robles
Feb 19: 7 fresh new Sarah Dunlap - filmed today! - in the gym are now up, plus 2 galleries from Gerri Deach and Chantal Lee
Feb 18: 7 of the hottest Jody May clips ever and a new gallery from pro fitness hardbody Kasey Watts
Feb 17: 6 new 'special edition' Jody May clips and a gallery of FemFlex newcomer Amy Huber
Feb 16: 4 brand-new Jody May clips and a Debbie Leung gallery
Feb 15: Today, we celebrate the return of Kristina Gaston with a brand-new gallery, plus 5 new Christine Brandon clips
Feb 14: Happy Valentine's Day galleries from Jody May and Amy Peters, shot on Saturday in Dallas
Feb 12: 6 more Rebekah Kresila DVD clips - this weekend is my annual winter trip to Texas, so I won't be back until Monday at which time we'll have another nice update and the new DVD will be available in the store
Feb 11: 5 clips from the new Rebekah Kresila DVD
Feb 09: 5 awesome new Kristi Wills clips
Feb 08: 4 new galleries - Constance, Jody May, Marnie Power & Jodi Michaels, and Desiree Ellis
Feb 07: 2 new galleries of Sonya McFarland and Amy Battaglia, plus a fun pillow fight clip starring Melissa Dettwiller and Jennifer Martin
Feb 06: 5 new Jordan Graham clips, plus a new Angie Semsch gallery
Feb 05: 8 new galleries, featuring Moorea Wolfe, Jody Wald, Jennifer Peyton, along with newcomers Julie Palmer, Jamie Fisher, and Tracy Traskos, plus old X-Zone galleries from Alison L'Heureux and Shelby Kadyk
Feb 03: 6 new Rebekah Kresila clips
Feb 02: 2 new galleries Emery Miller and Amanda Swallow
Feb 01: 7 new clips featuring Angie Salvagno and a gallery of Ally Bookless