Nov 30: 6 new clips featuring FemFlex newcomer, Jennifer Chehardy
Nov 29: A 5-minute trailer from the 2002 FVF-Vancouver DVD
Nov 28: 3 new photo galleries, starring Kim Perez, Amy Peters, and NPC Champion Emery Miller
Nov 27: 6 more clips from Liz Powers, who has been an instant hit
Nov 26: 8 clips from the 2004 Fitness Olympia
Nov 24: Brenda Smith keeps going strong with over 5 minutes of new video
Nov 23: Brenda Smith is back with 6 great clips, including a special treat for calf lovers
Nov 22: Bodybuilder Brenda Smith is today's new discovery and 6 new clips show her goods
Nov 21: Liz Powers makes her debut with 6 great clips
Nov 20: Jennifer Delano's calves are now up to 17-1/2 inches
Nov 19: A new gallery of Melissa Dettwiller, shot earlier today in Dallas
Nov 18: 5 new Kim Kilper clips, including the hi-res versions
Nov 17: 4 great clips starring Christine Moore, filmed for FemFlex by TomNine
Nov 16: 8 original clips featuring Michelle Baker, plus each of them duplicated in HI-RES
Nov 15: 10 clips from the 2004 Figure Olympia prejudging FREE
Nov 14: 6 clips from the 2004 Ms. Olympia prejudging on the video page - FREE
Nov 13: Michelle Baker joins us with 8 great new clips - WOW
Nov 12: 6 new Courtney Morley MPEGs, including 1 at 640x480 resolution
Nov 11: 6 new Courtney Morley clips
Nov 10: 5 photo galleries today, including gorgeous bodybuilder Michelle Baker and new model Jennifer Peyton
Nov 9: 13 more clips from the 2002 Women's Strength Extravaganza
Nov 8: 7 retro clips from the 2002 Women's Strength Extravaganza are up to mark the release of the DVD of this event
Nov 7: 8 more great Courtney clips are now up
Nov 6: A bunch of new galleries today, including Trina Gillis in "Got Me?"
Nov 5: 6 new clips from Courtney Morley's new DVD (coming soon) are now up
Nov 4: 7 new galleries today: Chastity Slone, Angelina Summers, Christine Roth, Marnie Fargo, Jacqueline Finnan, Kristy Hawkins, and Zoa Linsey
Nov 3: A new gallery of the ultra-muscular Debbie Bramwell
Nov 2: It's your lucky day - 7 new Debbie Leung clips