Sep 30: 6 new clips of Jamie Reed, plus 3 new galleries - Debbie Leung, Amanda Swallow, and Jamie Reed
Sep 28: 5 new clips of Annett Wittig
Sep 27: 3 new clips of Laura Sutter and a gallery of Canadian champion Nina Luchka
Sep 25: A clip of FVF-BodyRock champ Rachelle Cannon, then 8 clips of Ruthie Lucchesi and a gallery of Emma Callaghan in the X-Zone
Sep 24: Calf fans - go check out the *8* new clips in the video section, now!
Sep 23: Annett Wittig makes a dramatic return with these 4 clips
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Sep 21: At long last, Autumn Raby gets to show her stuff on video with 3 new clips
Sep 20: Nadia Nardi is in with 4 new clips today
Sep 19: Louise St. Pierre is back with 3 great clips for the leg fans
Sep 15: Autumn Raby is now in da house! Check out her new gallery, plus one of Debbie Leung along with 6 clips from the SW Pro bodybuilding show
Sep 14: 4 new clips starring Canadian National Champion Louise St. Pierre
Sep 10: Large and rock hard, Nadia Nardi is in with 3 new clips
Sep 09: A gallery of newcomer Siobhan Tewari, plus 6 new pro fitness clips - Melissa Babers, Lydia Haskell, and Jenny Hanke
Sep 07: 2 new Jennifer Delano calf clips, plus a gallery of Danijela Crevar
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Sep 04: 8 new clips from the SW Pro, featuring Angela Debatin, Nathalie Abellan, Denise Gerard and Mah-Ann Mendoza
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Aug 31: Hot newcomer Jessica Oscroft has her first gallery today, plus 4 more clips from Courtney Morley